Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lumbung Sengi Temple


The location is very difficult to reach, situated across the river that overflowed during the rainy season, making it difficult to cross. Named Candi Lumbung as previously suspected by locals a place to store rice (another temple in the Barn Park Prambanan temple complex).

 There are reliefs of animal claws

Temple room filled with rubble stone

Candi Lumbung sengi is the third temple in the Temple Complex sengi. In contrast with Candi Asu sengi and Pendem sengi located almost adjacent, location Candi Lumbung sengi practically quite far. must turn away. Actually could not play much, but it has to cross the river which flows the water was very swift.

Route Guide
To go to the Temple Barn sengi actually easier if you follow the main street leading to attractions Ketep. So, follow the continued Jalan Magelang, Muntilan through town, past board directions to Borobudur temple, until it gets to the existing T-junction that leads turn directions to the right as far as 16 km to go Ketep. Follow the road to Ketep these, approximately 10 kilometers and we will get to a fork in an existing large banyan tree and the statue of Ganesha. Well, please park vehicles in a row of shops near the junction and ask the residents about the location of Candi Lumbung sengi. That's because the location of Candi Lumbung sengi Pendem sengi similar to Temple, both located in the middle of rice fields.

Can Also Create Photo
Despite having the same name as the Prambanan Temple Barn, shape and background are two different temples. Candi Lumbung sengi is a Hindu temple, because there are remnants of clusters yoni stone in the temple room. This temple did not have a chapel and there are no statues around the temple. Judging from the geographical site, this temple is near the cliff, ravine, a river flowing underneath that can not be traversed. there are allegations of a portion of the foot of the temple was once buried in the earth and under the rice fields there are also ruins of another temple. Own barn name given by local villagers because of this temple like a barn, a place to store rice. Unfortunately at this location is not no information board. This temple has the potential to be developed, because the atmosphere around the temple forests suitable for use as a background model photo shoot.

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