Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ngempon Temple

Ngempon Temple is located at Kel. Ngempon, Kec. Bergas
Kab. Semarang, Central Java.

The location of this temple is very much when taken from the city of Yogyakarta. Conversely, relatively close when taken from the city of Semarang. Signage to the temple located at road Ngempon Bawen - Ungaran, exactly 27 km before the city of Semarang, or 7 km before the city from the direction Bawen Ungaran. If the Jogja approximately 80 km. Far right? : P

The road to this temple complex through several industries. So I figured, what the fate of this temple is similar to a pinched Bojongmenje Temple industrial complex? But the assumption was slowly solved when we entered the gates to the temple complex. We are dealing with the field down the road surrounded by thick trees. We paid Rp 1,000 to enter this temple complex.

  We arrived at the side of the valley is split by the swift river water. On the west side there Ngempon Temple, which is administratively located in the Village. Ngempon. While on the eastern side there is petirtaan Derekan, which is administratively located in the Village Derekan. To facilitate visitors, an iron bridge was built across the river connecting the Village and Village Ngempon Derekan.

Ngempon Temple consists of four small temple building. In every building there is a statue niche, but we did not find any statues there. The temples have a small booth to place offerings. Yes, this temple are still actively used by Hindus as a pilgrimage site, especially during the day Galungan.

 This temple was discovered by a farmer named Kasri in 1952. The condition is relatively well maintained temple. There are beautifully landscaped gardens and public facilities such as bathrooms and mushalla. Unfortunately there is no information board, remember this temple is often visited by visitors after a tour in petirtaan Derekan.
Petirtaan petirtaan Derekan is a name in the tourist area of ​​Greenland. What is a tourist area of ​​Greenland is managed by the villagers who presents the attractions of fishing, flying fox, tubing, and hot water baths.

Yes, somehow the story, in this area there are hot springs. However reasonable, considering the region located at the foot of Mount Ungaran. To be able to enjoy the warmth of the water in this mini bathhouse, visitors should spend USD 2,000 per person.

 Petirtaan Derekan own newly excavated in 2009 ago. When these conditions are already full pugar and serves as petirtaan in general. :)

 Our visit coincided with the arrival of members of the House of Semarang to these tourist sites. Positive thinking just that their visit to assess the extent to which the resorts are managed by the villagers can work well. : P

 Hot Spring

 Road to temple

Hot Spring

 in the valley

Dont use soap and shampoo!!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Kethek (Monkey) Temple

Hidden in the ground or among rocks. That is presumably the temple ruins found in the present. At the foot of Mount Lawu, precisely in Gumeng Village, Kec. Jenawi, Kab. Karanganyar, Central Java, a temple hidden in the middle of pine trees towering. The temple was named Temple Kethek. Located not far from Temple Cetho and on Thursday (30/07/2009), I made time to visit there.

Sure would not go astray?
After exploring Cetho Temple, we were curious about the existence Kethek Temple which is located not far from Temple Cetho. The question is where is the location of the temple? Actually it Kethek Temple location map is contained in the existing Cetho Village on the main road toward the village Cetho. Unfortunately the map was unclear, damaged with age. Agatha was lucky to find a path in the temple complex that leads to the temple Cetho Kethek. Actually if you want to ask people around, they also must know the location of the Temple Kethek.

like this is the field trip.

To get to the Temple Kethek visitors should explore the forest at the foot of Mount Lawu. That is clearly a narrow road, take root, and slippery in the wet season. But it all comparable to that presented natural scenery along the journey. Even in some places, there are people who take advantage of opportunities by opening a shop. I suggest if you want to visit in the dry season only. Because visitors must cross the river which (thankfully) dry in the dry season. The drive from Temple to Temple Kethek Cetho was approximately 15 minutes walk away. Beware of getting lost, because there is only a guide to the path.

Behind the Screen ...
But the three of us took 30 minutes to get to Temple Kethek. Why? Because in the middle of the road we find the fields of flowers, good location for a photo. Of course, this is a shooting session.

Altar offerings on top of the temple.
Kethek temple is really hidden behind a pine tree. That could be a marker that this is a memorial temple is the white board objects of cultural heritage. As Cetho Sukuh Temple and Temple, this temple is punden form terraces. But if the note, looks like a very similar Gembirowati Temple. Only difference this temple is surrounded by pine trees and higher. According to sources on the Internet, this temple has been known to exist in 1842. New in 2005, BP3 Central Java and Archaeology Department UGM-depth research on this temple. According to the research, this temple is a Hindu temple. At the top of the temple there is an altar offerings, certainly made the present. Once upon a time, experts estimate there are at this peak is similar to building roof top terrace Cetho Temple.

Kethek Temple.

Kethek the Javanese language of the monkey. Somehow Kethek named Temple. Is it because there are many monkeys here first? Unfortunately around the temple is not one person who could be questioned. Well, if you want to feel the thrill of adventure into the woods to find the temple, please visit this Kethek Temple.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Setyaki Temple

Setyaki Temple. Administratively located in District Batur, Banjarnegara regency, Central Java.

Wednesday afternoon (07/07/2010) I tried it stopped there and simply makes me surprised. Not because of building the temple, but there I see a lot of angels. After I kucek-kucek eyes, was not an angel, but fotomodel ordinary girl. After I look more closely, how ya legs a bit fat and his accent somewhat "ngapak". Haisy!

I've only dared to get closer to the Temple Setyaki next morning. Sure was not there fotomodel-fotomodel a sensual pose around the temple (aja motret make me nervous.) Bebaslah I explore this temple.


Dieng temple hindu statues shelf Banjarnegara arjuna yoni history
(left) Yoni in the temple in damaged condition.
(right) who lives remaining chapel foundation course.

Setyaki temple is Hindu temple. Inside the temple there is a yoni without a phallus. On the north side of the temple there is another kind of building foundations. Could chapel?

As reported on the blog TeamTouring Anno, Setyaki temple is being restored. If you consider this temple was quite interesting to photograph objects. Especially since many temple stones are scattered.